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Version 1.25

Fairyland reached a significant milestone over the weekend, v.1.25. Everything project has the same reference system. This system allows me to know the latest version of any project quickly. Thyis is extremely helpful, due to the fact I work with hard copies while writing. Yes, they are digital, but I print them out while editing and revising them. Since using this I never forget where a project is during the process. Here is how drafts progress:

Alpha -- Original hand notes

Beta -- Typed manuscript from Alpha

Version 1 -- Edited Beta used for play testing From Version 1 every time the document changes, the number increases. Since I am still play testing the game, adjustments are slight and they address play test issues. Version 2 takes all of my play testing into account, and this document is the one others get for their play testing, as well as comments. Version 3 takes everything from v.2, and this is where the manuscript becomes final. It is this one that goes into editing. Version 4 typically is the version that goes to layout. Everything from v.3 is incorporated, and it finishes the document.

The significance of hitting v.1.25 is big and that is due to a lot of play testing has taken place since August. This is the first time I have had to photocopy my hand written draft for others wanting to run the game themselves. All of this feedback went into v.1 making this the most polished early version of any document.

Fairyland has turned into something I never thought it would be. This game started out small and was a distraction from my August from Hell. It was a time waster due to not having a workstation. Now, this little idea, is a new game, and a game that I am excited about.



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