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The Design Weekend

Over the weekend Grim & Perilous Studio's Daniel Fox and I had a design weekend. This was the first time we and I sat in the same room, as well as met face-to-face. Besides talking about games, we focused on Colonial Gothic G&P. This was good because we haven Professions set. We are also on the same page when it comes to combat; finally, magic is pretty much agreed on, save for a few details is nailed down. Besides the above, we also talked about the significant portion of the book: background. As it looks now, there will be four parts to the book: 1. Rules 2. Background and Setting materials 3. Atlas 4. Gamemaster As the weeks move along, you know I will be sharing a lot of information. In the meantime take a look at this inspired by Last of the Mohicans, from our artist Dejan Mandic!



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