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Welcome to Fairyland

As of 12:01 this morning Fairyland went up for sale.

This is a game that means a lot to me for several reasons. The main one, however, is that I worked on it during a bad period mentally last year. I have been very public -- sometimes to the public -- about my mental health.

Last summer got very dark for me, so dark in fact, I truly was concerned about what would happen.

Sitting in a chair where I wrestled with dark thoughts, something clicked, and I grabbed a yellow legal pad.

I began writing. I had always thought about designing a "light" game. More specifically a whimsical one. I had been kicking around the idea of a fairytale-inspired game for some time, but I had always put it away and worked on other things.

I did not realize that I never put the idea away. There was some part of my mind that was working on the game, writing it, tweaking it, testing it, and really, designing it.

So when I sat down, the game flowed. Everything that was buried within my mind came out, and when I was done I had 13 legal pads filled. More importantly, the darkness had cleared.

Now, one year to the day, Fairyland is free.



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