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Emerging via Magical Means

I know I have been quiet but I have been writing. Today I just finished the magic section for Colonial Gothic Grim & Perilous. This is going to be a big one, and perhaps one of the biggest added to the game.

The section keeps Alchemy and Witchcraft but rethinks Common and Arcane Spells. Those two types are gone and have been replaced. With:

  • Black & White Magic

  • Talismans

  • Astrology

  • Miracles and Prayer

  • Common Spells (which the chapter is titled "The Book of Common Spells" which is a wink to the "Book of Common Prayer)

In addition to the above Witchcraft has new crafts as does Alchemy. If you think spells are the only thing here, you would be wrong. This section is big.

Next, I move onto Monsters.

Also, I know I suck at communication but I am going to make an effort in keeping you posted on what I am working on for the new game.

I will have a larger post next week, and over the next few weeks. A lot of writing has been done, and I hope you like what you see when it is released.



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