Current Status on Colonial Gothic

November 26, 2019

I am nearing the end. All of the chapters, for the most part, are done. I am still working on the "finished" chapters while I continue to write the last one.


Huh? That made no sense.


Moving on.


Here is the rundown.

  • Chapter: The Atlas (more has been added to this)

  • Chapter: Gamemastering (done)

  • Chapter: A Guide to the Colonies ("done" but have a few more things I want to add)

  • Chapter" The Hexenmeifter Almanack, 1775 (done. I love the magic found here)

  • Chapter: The Path to Conflict (working on now)

  • Chapter: Professions (done)

  • Chapter: They Were First (done)

  • Chapter: Sample Adventures (there are three and done)

  • Chapter: Settings (ties into the Atlas chapter)

  • Chapter: Secret Professions (done)

  • Chapter: Secret Societies (done)

  • Chapter: Threats (done)

  • Appendix: Timeline (a lot needs to be done. A. Lot.)

  • Bibliography (a headache. If your thought the Bibliographies were big in other books, this one is bigger)

The above is what I have been busy on. The rules are still being worked on, and once done the manuscript will be put together, and the real work begins.


This is a big book. I have not worked on something this big for a very long time. The last book of this type was when I was working for Zeitgeist Games and working on Dave Arneson's Blackmoor back in 2005 to 2007.


Ok, so that is where things stand.


Questions? Ask away.

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