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Something a bit different

Not everything has been about finishing Colonial Gothic Grim & Perilous. Right now I have a Kickstarter running. The Kickstarter?

Fantasy Town Fantasy Town is a collaborative project by Richard Iorio and jim pinto. Serving as a fantasy base camp for players and gamemasters, The Town is the start of a new campaign on the frontier of a fantasy world. Future products expand this world, while this PDF and book explore the comings and goings of an unexplored and vital community. This will be an ideal setting for low-level campaigns, designed in the style of Keep to the Borderlands, et al.

Our Plan jim pinto and I have been discussing for years the pros and cons of modern book publishing in the fantasy genre. This is about exploration into the realm of design and world-building. Backers have the chance to look behind the curtain of how we make a book while helping us answer key questions on the design. Backers have the opportunity to name NPCs, and place their own characters (or themselves) into the world. Eventually, backers will be called upon to name the setting (within reason) and answer vital design questions through polling, done once a week during the kickstarter process.

The Setting Each location in the setting will include information on the building, the NPCs who work/live there, and random charts for seeding the environment with rumors, stories, plots, and so on. A toolbox filled with a plethora of useful goodies. That's right. We said plethora.

Rewards Five different tiers allowing backers to select from a simple PDF to a print edition, or involvement in the setting, and everything in between.

Stretch Goals

  • $1000 -- Funded. We create a 24-page PDF

  • $2000 -- Year Zero, a compendium of people and events set in a fantasy town.

  • $3000 -- 36-page PDF.

  • $4000 -- Year One, a compendium of events is added, including an updated map of how the town changes over the course of one year.

  • $5000 -- Richard and jim record a 1-hour writing live (unfiltered) session where we outline, write, and collaborate for backers to listen in on.

  • $7500 -- 48-page PDF. Also. We unlock the physical book form, opening a new reward tier for backers.

  • $9000 -- Year Two, a compendium of events is added, including an updated map of how the town changes over the course of two years.

  • $10,000 -- We create second book describing the region, which we kickstart later

  • $12,500 -- We create a third book describing the country everything is set in, which we kickstart later.

  • $15,000 --

  • $17,500 -- ???

So, if something like this intrigues you, or want to see what jim and I come up with based upon what the backers want to see, this one is for you.

Here is the link:



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