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Deminson Theory: Simulation

Credit: Floriana Getty Images

When I wrote Shadow, Sword & Spell Gamemaster, the last half of the book dealt with Alternate Dimensions and the Multiverse.

One of the many types I wrote about was the Simulation type. The possibilities of it excited me. Nick Bostrom's work is something I read religiously. I find his work thought-provoking and sometimes challenging. I also find it thought-provoking.

He put forth his theory in Are We Living in a Computer Simulation? When I read this article I was thrown for a loop. The idea is so simple, so intuitive, that I really did not know how to process it. Of course, after reading this it sent me down the path to look for reactions from others. This theory also made me rethink how Gamemaster would deal with the theory.

So if you are curious about this theory, the article Do We Live in a Simulation? Chances Are about 50–50 published in Scientific American is a great one to read.

As I do more research and reading for a new Shadow, Sword & Spell book titled Multiverse, this article is going to be kept in mind.



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