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Excerpt from Fairyland 2E

So, I'm working on something. This is from the Gamemaster section.


When I create recurring characters, I always ask myself the following questions. Answering these helps me focus on who this character is. It also comes in handy when my players start interacting with them. So what questions do I ask? Here you go.

Who Is It?

This is an easy question to answer in that you come up with a name.

What Are They?

Are they human? Elf? This question must also address their personality, outlook, and anything making them who they are. Do they have a distinguishing mark, a unique feature, or a personality quirk? This is where you come up with your character’s personality, and though it does not seem important, it comes in handy when your players interact with the character.

Why Are They Important?

Just as important as the What, the Why is crucial. You need always to know why this character exists — without it, the character has no life or believability. Is this the old wizard who teaches a character the ways of magic? Or is it the merchant always seeking a way to cheat her customers? Or could she be a queen searching for heroes to protect her kingdom? Of all the questions, this is the most important one to answer.

Where Are They Found?

Easy enough to answer, this tells you where the character is found. If she is a sage living alone in the woods, then decide what her area looks like. If it is a shopkeeper, decide on the type of shop and the village or city it is in. If it is a blacksmith, think about if he is in a village or town. Where you locate this character guides you in using it in adventures. If the surface is the friendly barkeep in the city, the characters always visit, then make a note of this.

How Do They Affect the Players?

This is the big question, and care must be given to the answer. How the character affects the players guides you in how you use them. For example, is this character a wizard who teaches one of a player’s characters? Or, is a hermit living in a small cave in the mountains who holds the secret of where the magic Sword of Mistiglenn is? Another option is that this character is a shopkeeper who is a spy, and their mission is to find ways for an enemy to fulfill a goal. The show, then, is your hook when you create adventures.


Yeah, I am working on the second edition.



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