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Flames of Freedom = Colonial Gothic

Colonial Gothic = Flames of Freedom.

Flames of Freedom = Colonial Gothic.

So, why the name change?

When I created and released Colonial Gothic in 2007, the climate was vastly different. However, times have changed rapidly in the two years since the Colonial Gothic announcement.

April of this year Rogue Games and Andrews McMeel had a meeting to discuss the game's name. The company was, and is, 100% behind the game, content and all. However, they felt that the game would not receive the attention it deserves due to the name Colonial Gothic.

So I decided to change the name to Flames of Freedom. The name fit and is one everyone who has been with the game from the start knows.

Though the name has changed, I, as well as Rogue Games, are linked to the project. I wrote the manuscript, I created the new material, and in short, I was there every step of the way.

The game is still the same. It is the rules that are different.

In a few days, the Kickstarter (October 5) goes live, and 13 years since the release of the very first edition of the game, a new version debuts.

I am excited as hell about this.

There is a lot more to come.

I am going to be there every step of the way.



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