Flames of Freedom Grim & Perilous Kickstarter is Live

Some announcement, huh?

The Flames of Freedom Grim & Perilous Kickstarter is now revealed.

I'll talk about the game in-depth later.


I feel like reminiscing.

Between 1979 and 1984 I lived in Boise, Idaho. I discovered Dungeons & Dragons there as well as my love of designing games.

As a military kid, moving was always traumatic. I always arrived at a new place not knowing anyone. This time was different. I was lucky to find kids my own age living on the same street. Luckier still, we quickly became friends.

Wadsworth Avenue, located in the suburbs, became the playground for a group of seven kids who hung out with each other every day for four years.

Clayton was the first one I met and he quickly became my best friend. Through him, I met the rest.

Mark, who not only was a fantastic artist but the one who got me hooked on comic book collecting.

Sally, who loved video games, played soccer on my soccer team, and, to be honest, was my first crush.

Lisa, who despite appearances, could throw a vicious punch and demonstrated it when she took down a bully.

Susan, who was the bookish one, and the two of us loved reading and swapped books constantly in order to feed our shared love for reading.

Troy, who was always exasperated, but always there when I needed someone to talk to.

We did everything together. Plugging quarters into video games at Pojo's. Spending allowances at Dark Horse Hobbies. Enjoying our freedom of jumping on our bikes and going "somewhere."

Clayton introduced us to Dungeons & Dragons and we all wanted to play. Needless to say, I was hooked.

During this time I designed my first game. I do not know why, or what inspired me. I just created a game. I shared it with my friends. I was shocked they liked it, and soon it became something we'd play at least once a week. I went on to create more games and with each one, I learned a little more and my games became better. They had to be because my friends were tough to please.

36 years later, with the count down underway for the official launch of the Flames of Freedom Grim & Perilous Kickstarter, these memories overwhelm me.

Clayton, Mark, Sally, Lisa, Susan, and Troy, thank you. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for the laughs, the endless hours of fun, and the memories I cherish to this day. More importantly, thank you for enjoying the first game I designed and wanting me to design more.

This one is for you.