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Flames of Freedom: What is Comming

FLAMES OF FREEDOM is coming to Kickstarter on October 5th, 2020. We will also be releasing a 61-page Quickstart – completely for free – during the Kickstarter so you can try before you back!

The first half of the book will include the 10-page Preamble and 8 pages of how to use dice in FLAMES OF FREEDOM. Simple, succinct & understandable.

15 pages are dedicated to combat, so you can play this #ttrpg at your game table outside of the enclosed adventure.

The back half of the book includes a 23-page supernatural mystery adventure called "The Sin Eater". It can be played 1 on 1 or w/ 7 players + 1 Historian (the GM). It establishes a beginning to the larger story in the rulebook.

Finally, the Quickstart will include paper miniatures! These can be used on your physical tabletop or imported into your favorite VTT (such as Roll20)

The Quickstart will be completely free at the Kickstarter launch on Oct 5th.



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