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Harper's Gate Now Available

If you missed the Harper's Gate Kickstarter earlier this year, now is your chance to get a copy of the PDF.

A complete setting, Harper's Gate is designed to be easily adaptable to any fantasy setting. Containing a host of NPCs, rumors, and countless little details you have everything you need to create a rich and engaging town.

This full color 42-page PDF has everything you need to drop this setting quickly into your game.

How much will this fantastic (I'm biased) cost? $9.99! When will the print version of this soon to be classic be out? Shortly.

How do you get a copy, you ask? Visit and get it today.


SKU RGG 80001

ISBN 978-1-939299-63-5

42 page, full-color, softcover

Price $14.95 (print) and $9.99 (PDF)




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