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Map Samples

First off, sorry things have been silent for a while. Life has gotten in the way as of late and I have not had the desire to do much. When you are a person of one, that means anything that you want to publish falls to the wayside. Why? No one is there to help pick up the slack.

Ok, enough with all of that.

The subject line says it all. Maps. This past weekend (8/14), I received copies of the large Flames of Freedom map. There were two versions. One was smaller, and the other was a larger version. As for who did the cartography, that should be obvious by now: Gabriel Brouillard. Gabriel has done almost every map for Rogue Games, and what he has done for Flames of Freedom is going to blow you away. Both maps are canvas and look and feel great. The pictures do not do them justice.

We’re getting so close.



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