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Rogue Games and Andrews McMeel Publishing announce a new licensing agreement

Chicago, August 4, 2022 -- Rogue Games is pleased to announce a licensing agreement with Andrews McMeel Publishing to create, publish, and distribute Turncoats, a supplement for Flames of Freedom Grim & Perilous commercial release.

"I could not be happier with this team up," said Richard Iorio, President of Rogue Games, Inc. "If you thought you have seen all the my mysteries hidden within history's shadows, this is just the tip of the iceberg!"

Written by Anthony Ragan (Marienburg: Sold Down the River. Power Behind The Throne Companion, and Winds of Magic). In addition to new rules, Turncoats presents clear guidelines and advice for creating campaigns centered around espionage during the American Revolution.

"The secret history behind Richard’s RPGs–cleverly blended between the sometimes fictional, sometimes nonfictional truths – is a unique approach to “gamifying” American revolutionary history,” said Daniel Fox, executive creative director of games at Andrews McMeel Universal.

Are you ready to answer the call and enter into the shadows? Get prepared because what lies deep within them calls for all of your skills.



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