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Rogue Games joins the Alliance

As you may know, the industry is dealing with Wizard of the Coast's effort to change the Open Game License. The topic is too long to get into, but to put it simply they are changing the OGL to a version that will change it at its most basic level. This license is not just used by publishers who create and publish games based on the current SRD. Many publishers use it for games that have no ties to this SRD.

I plan on opening up 12 Degrees, and like many indie publishers, I wanted to use the current OGL. However, Wizard of the Coast's actions has changed this. So instead, I will be using a new license currently being developed. What is this license? The Open RPG Creative License or ORC.

Rogue Games is one of Bits and Mortar's founding companies. This is something I am proud of.

With the announcement of ORC, Rogue Games and fellow publishers have joined together to support the development of a valid universal system-neutral open license. When ORC is finished and official, I will open up 12 Degrees and release an SRD for those rules.

It is going to be an exciting year. In addition, there are other things at work, some of which I will share soon.



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