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Surprise! The canvas map is now unlocked

Do you like surprises? I hope so because there is a big one.

You’ve expressed so much interest in our canvas maps over the past three weeks that a way was found to make things happen with the vendor.

To make it brief: Consider the Stretch Goal of 24” x 36” canvas maps unlocked early! All of our backers at the $75+ pledge level will now be receiving this map right alongside your other Stretch Goal items.

If you have not pleged or if you have been on the fence of adjusting your pledge to a high tier, now is your chance!

The map will roll up, fold, and bend without damage. It also would look great framed. Incidentally, my wife wants one in every room. The map is worth it. If you have been a fan of the maps Gabriel Brouillard has done for Rogue Games over the years, wait till you see what he has created now.

Head over to the Flames of Freedom Grim & Perilous Kickstarter and check it out today.



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