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The Flames of Freedom Rulebook is Real

Yesterday, a package arrived at my door... Pictures speak better than words.

Some things to notice:

  • The Flames of Freedom is embossed. Silver foil is around the Zweihander logo.

  • This is one of the prettiest and most user-friendly layouts I have seen in a long time.

  • There are color plates for all the maps. Gabriel hit the maps out of the park.

  • The stories I could tell you about all the work Gabriel put into this map. The amount of detail is stunning. I am so happy he joined me on this journey. The book would not have felt the same without him. He's done pretty much every map for Rogue Games and he just keeps getting better and better.

  • A bookmark. The spine and binding are strong.

  • This is one thick book.

The pictures do not do this book any justice. It is just a stunning piece of design.

So, that is the latest today. What do you think?



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