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Time to get it into gear

Two years.

That is how long I have had this writer's block.

It has been crippling. No matter what I do, what I try, or how I act, this damn block has not gone away.

Sure, I have tried, but I still fail.

I am changing that right now.



What exactly is this?

Design a mega-dungeon in one year, one room per day, 12 levels. Yes, you are reading this right. Every day I add something that slowly sees the growth of a mega-dungeon. This process will continue every day of each month. At the end of each month, I will have one dungeon level. Then on 12/31/23, with the creation of the last room, I will have a 12-level dungeon.

The impetus of this project started with a tweet from Sean McCoy, designer of the SciFi horror RPG Mothership. Then like most things, the idea took off.

So why am I doing this? First, I need something to spur my creativity. Second, I am looking at this as the spark to get my butt moving on the projects I have stalled on.

I do not know what this project is going to become. But I know it will surprise me as much as it surprises you.



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