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Welcome to Harper's Gate

Hello brave traveler, welcome to Harper's Gate! I see you have heard of our simple little town. We have anything you might need, and if we don't, well it can be obtained, for the right price. What's that? Are the rumors true? What rumors are you interested in? After all, there is much hidden within the shadows.

A complete setting, Harper's Gate is designed to be easily adaptable to any fantasy setting. Containing a host of NPCs, rumors, and countless little details you have everything you need to create a rich and engaging town.

Learn the secret of ivory. Discover the many groups at work vying for control of the region. Seek your fortune while you brave the dangers that seem to be lurking everywhere.

All of this and more are ready for you to discover.

In stores November 2020.

SKU RGG 80001

ISBN 978-1-939299-63-5

Price 14.95




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