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Beware the stew

Sometimes the monster is us.

What mysteries lurk in the shadows? 

Hired by a wizard in search of his legacy, you will soon discover, that a sleepy town, is not all it appears to be. People are missing, mysteries abound, but at least the food is good. 

Set in a remote region of the Spineback Mountains, The Stew picks up a thread found inIt's In The Wine (see Shadow, Sword & Spell: Basic) and the plots of Caim are slowly ripening.

Written by Richard Iorio II (Colonial Gothic and Shadow, Sword & Spell), The Stew is a descent into cooking, legacy, and a strange cult. Newly revised, everything you need to run the adventure is found between the two covers.

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The Stew

RGG 3012 $11.99 (print) / $6.99 (eBook)

6x9 b&w softcover, 50 pages*

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